If you want to succeed in social media marketing, you need to give people a reason to:

  • Follow you
  • Engage with you
  • Tell their friends about you
  • Come back for more

In the social-sphere, the only way you can achieve this is by publishing a regular supply of high quality, original and shareable content. You might have the best staff, processes and proposition in the world but it is your content that differentiates your brand from your competitors on social media.

Social media without a backbone of content on your website is akin to having a speaking slot on a world-wide stage but having nothing to say. Anyone that actually turns up to listen will soon leave and, even more detrimental to your brand, is unlikely to stop by again.

Social media must ultimately create opportunities

We believe that the ultimate aim of social media marketing is to drive people to your website and create lead opportunities. Yes, there’s lot of increasing brand awareness, engagement and relationship development along the way but unless it ultimately gets prospects into your sales funnel, then there is little point.

By continually updating your website with high quality, original content, you are not only reinforcing why your prospects followed you in the first place but you are giving them a reason to continue following you for months, even years, to come.