1. Objective-Based Social Media

Our approach to social media is entirely objective-based. Unlike other agencies, we don’t start the conversation talking about platforms or activity, we start by asking what you actually want to get out of social media. We then put quarterly ‘key results’ in place which are measurements of our success to prove that we are on-track to achieving your objective. Only then do we determine the strategic and day-to-day activities required to make it happen.

Why does this matter to you?

You will get better results. We know from experience that an objective-based approach (when aligned with your overall marketing and business objectives) yields much greater return. Having transparent key results in place means that every single activity contributes towards your overall objective and is never for ‘activity’s sake’.

2. Content Marketing with a Magazine Mindset

We know that to stand out among the masses of content that your prospects are bombarded with every day, your content marketing must be original and exceptionally high quality. It must build awareness, entertain, educate, nurture, instil trust and ultimately demand a commercial return. That’s why, as a journalist-led agency, we apply a magazine mindset to your content marketing.

Why does this matter to you?

Firstly, with your prospects now spending up to 75% of the buying cycle researching online before they appoint a supplier, it is crucial that you get on their radar as early as possible. The publication of exceptionally high quality content is the most effective way to do this.  Secondly, you will see a much greater return from your content ie. the decisions a magazine makes are totally focused around the needs of the reader and the commercial gain to the publishing house.

3. Part of VL Digital

We are part of the VL Digital family which also includes Vertical Leap (search marketing) and Brightpath (marketing strategy). We have over 60 employees working across these three specialist brands, all located in the same buildings.

Why does this matter to you?

We have immediate access to other digital marketing specialists whose technical advice can massively impact your social media and content marketing.

For example, we work very closely with the Vertical Leap team, ensuring that the content we create is search-friendly and that your social media activity is sending positive signals to the search engines. Our social team will also work closely with the Vertical Leap PPC team to ensure that you get maximum return from any paid advertising that we do for you on social platforms.

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