One of the biggest frustrations companies claim to have when it comes to social media marketing is being unable to clearly measure the impact it is having on the business. You may well be regularly posting, tweeting, sharing, engaging etc but if this activity is unfocused and ‘for the sake of activity’ then you are very unlikely to ever achieve the results you desire.

Our objective-based approach makes the difference

We work very differently to other social media agencies. Whilst most of them will focus on activity levels ie. number of posts, re-tweets, engagement percentages etc, our approach is entirely ‘objective-based‘. Why? Because we know from experience that if your social media goals are driven by your overall marketing and business goals, then you will see a much greater return on your investment. 


What do you actually  want to get out of social media marketing?

This is where a conversation with us will start. Do you want to use social media to reach a new audience? Do you want to increase positive sentiment about your brand? Do you want to generate leads? Establishing your objective right at the beginning is the most crucial part of the process as it will dictate how we measure our performance, the strategy we implement and, ultimately the success of your social media marketing. If you’re unsure of your objectives – and you’re not alone – then we can help guide you.

Complete transparency for you

Once we understand your objective, our priority is to demonstrate to you that we are continually working towards achieving it. This is why we use ‘KEY RESULTS‘ so that you can see the progress we are making on a quarterly basis. They will not only give you confidence that we’re on track but will also highlight early on any tweaks to the strategy that might be required.

See how objective-based social media marketing works

Below is an example of how our approach might work for your company, say, an estate agency whose overall marketing objective is to increase their number of house-hunters and instructions.

Social media objective:

To create an online community for the local area.

Key results:

  • To grow audience organically by 15%
  • To increase engagement levels by 20%
  • To own a community on Google+ with at least 200 members

Leave the day to day activities to us!

It’s only at this point that we’ll start to think about the day to day management of your social media marketing – ie. which platforms are right for you, which influencers we need to connect with, the type of content we need to promote etc. Our experts know from experience which platforms and activities will best support your company goals and will put a totally bespoke strategy and activities programme together for you.

We never lose sight of your objective

The main benefit of our approach when it comes down to the tactical level is that we never lose sight of your objective; it is always forefront of mind in everything that we do, ensuring that activity is never carried out for activity’s sake. Every comment we post, every piece of content we promote, every conversation we partake in and every influencer we reach out to works towards achieving the quarterly key results and ultimately your overall objective.

See the results for yourself

To see some examples of what we’ve achieved for others, click here.

social media results

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