The Challenge

This customer is a nationwide provider of counselling courses. Whilst quite active on social media, their conversations were fairly ‘shallow’ and not necessarily adding value to either party. The challenge was to try and increase the number and quality of conversations so that the engagement was more valuable to both their fans and the company.

The Proposal

We suggested that we use Twitter as a second screen during popular TV programmes. This essentially meant having conversations with their followers on Twitter whilst the programmes were running on TV. We targeted highly relevant shows such as Embarrassing Bodies and Extreme OCD Camp.

The Action

We firstly promoted to their audience that we would be live tweeting throughout the programmes. We then asked our journalists to research in advance the themes in the shows and write supporting articles that we could make available to the audience pre, during and post the shows.

The Result

Engagement levels increased by an average of 36% during the programmes. Conversations extended beyond the length of the shows themselves and were much richer due the content we were publishing. It also very much positioned our customer as as educational, thought-leader in their industry.