The Challenge

This international Wi-Fi provider had been battling with negative engagement on their social media platforms. Given the nature of their business, this wasn’t unusual in their industry, but they were particularly keen to ensure that they had all of the necessary tools internally to deal with it in a professional and efficient manner.

The Proposal

We suggested that we create a series of response processes for the various departments (marketing, customer support and sales) to help them better deal with negative comments and – where possible – try and achieve positive outcomes.

The Action

We worked closely with the teams to put in place service level agreements with minimum response times. We ensured that all employees representing the company on social media were aware of the best ways to reply to negative comments, what tone to use, what suggestions they could make and how to try and turn negative engagement into positive.

The Result

The results were impressive:

  • 36% decrease in negative sentiment on social media
  • Average response times on Twitter: 8 mins
  • Average response times on Facebook: 20 mins