Creating high levels of engagement on Twitter is likely to increase website visits and ecommerce purchases for businesses, a study has found.

Reported by, research from Twitter and insights firm Compete found Twitter users who see Tweets from retailers are more likely to visit. Twitter users also visit retail websites at a higher rate (95 per cent) than general internet users (90 per cent).

In addition, Twitter users who see retailer Tweets are more likely to make online purchases, cites While 33 per cent of Twitter users made purchases from the aforementioned retail sites, only 27 per cent of general internet users said the same.

Finally, the report concludes by suggesting the more Tweets from retailers people see, the more they visit retail sites and make online purchases.

Consequently, the benefits of a Twitter account for businesses could include increased visibility and higher number of purchases, which could pique the interest of businesses considering Twitter marketing campaigns.

Taylor Schreiner, Twitter’s co-head of advertising research, commented on the figures: “Twitter users are big online buyers but big brands aren’t the only retailers that benefit.

“Twitter brings people closer to a wide range of interests so niche retailers who connect with the highly engaged audience on Twitter often see a greater lift in results,” he added.