Twitter romped home to a victory over Facebook in terms of advertising during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, reports.

The social network, which was recently dubbed the world’s fastest growing, thrashed nearest rival Facebook in both mentions and engagement.

During the 52 advertisements which aired on US channel CBS between the kick-off and final whistle, Twitter was mentioned by 26 brands, whilst Facebook had to be content with just four mentions. Elsewhere, YouTube and Instagram both secured one mention each, whilst poor Google+ was not named at all.

Last year, in 59 adverts, Twitter and Facebook were tied on eight each. The change represents a 50 per cent decline where Facebook is concerned, whilst Twitter could boast an increase in excess of 300 per cent.

The victory wasn’t just in terms of brand mentions, however. During the 35 minutes when a technical issue cut power at the New Orleans Superdome, brands started ‘newsjacking’. Within minutes, bids were being placed on the search term ‘power outage’ and linked with existing Twitter marketing campaigns.

The results were collated by Matt McGee, who explained how the results show Twitter is king of the second-screen advertising world, with such a stranglehold that there’s “no close second place.

“Last year, brands split their focus on Twitter and Facebook with eight mentions each,” he told “This year, brands recognise that Twitter is where they need to try to attract the online conversation around one of the world’s biggest events.”