Nearly 10,000 tweets were sent per second in the UTC time zone during the ringing in of 2013, reports.

Micro-blogging site Twitter has unveiled how many messages were sent by its users across the world as people celebrated the new year, although the busiest area was something of a surprise.

Whilst many had anticipated American or European markets to dominate (as they have some of the largest Twitter user totals), the highest total was seen in Asia, where a staggering 33,388 tweets were sent per second in the UTC+9 time zone when the clock struck midnight.

The news follows an announcement earlier last year where, noting a marked rise in the number of Asian users, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced he would be putting more effort into targeting the sizeable market.

China’s Sina Weibo, meanwhile, saw 729,571 messages sent per minute as the country celebrated the new year.

The UTC-5 time zone (which counts New York and Bogota in its remit) managed to reach a peak of 13,336 tweets per second, whilst that of Bangkok and Jakarta (UTC+7) posted 11,675.

Brits, meanwhile – as well as others in the UTC time zone – managed to write and send 9,455 tweets as the new year began – which may be reassuring to those using Twitter marketing, illustrating the huge levels of user engagement.

Despite the figures, there was still a long way to go before any records were broken – with the previous high coming when 327,000 tweets were sent per minute following news of Barack Obama’s re-election last year, claims.