Twitter has launched a new Twitter Index that will track conversations about the Oscars in the run up to the 85th Academy Awards according to

This method of Twitter marketing will be welcome news to the Academy who will have increased media coverage over the coming weeks.

The Twitter Oscars Index will rank and measure conversations about the films and people nominated for an Oscar over the course of the next six weeks until the ceremony on February 24th 2013.

Fred Graver, the head of TV at Twitter recently blogged saying over four million tweets were posted about the Golden Globes on Sunday. Twitter is often used as a means of discussion during awards season with topics ranging from who won what to the best and worst outfits.

According to the Oscars Index is being backed by the Academy and will let people see how the news can shape conversations on Twitter about a particular nominee. It will also compare nominees to each other in a bid to see who is getting the most positive coverage.

Mr Graver said: “While the next six weeks are sure to be filled with crystal ball predictions of how the illustrious Academy members will vote, the Twitter Oscars Index provides another dimension to the story: the voice of the fans.”