Sussex councillors have reacted with happiness that their staff have registered around 34 million hits on social networking site Facebook in the past year, reports.

Whilst some employers may be dismayed so many of their workers are spending their time on social sites, those from East Sussex County Council, West Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council did quite the opposite. 

The three councils actively encourage their employees to use the site to get in touch with local residents who may have issues or questions they wish to raise. With the network providing a quick, free and easy way to get in touch with representatives, more Brits than ever are taking to the site, which prompted the Sussex councils to actively promote its usage among workers to undertake their own version of Facebook marketing.

In Brighton and Hove City Council alone, workers racked up 15 million hits over the 12 months, whilst the figure for West Sussex County Council was almost 10 million.

Commenting on the policy, a spokesperson for Brighton and Hove City Council told “BHCC actively encourages staff to make use of modern media in disseminating messages about our services, monitoring comments and feedback from citizens and professional networking, so Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also found high on the list.

“The use of social media such as Facebook is becoming a bigger part of everyday business for many organisations.”