A technology expert has said that social sharing content will become even more important in 2013.

Ruth Cheesley, founder of company Virya Technologies, said that social signals would have a bigger influence on search engine listings than ever before.

The expert wrote on smeweb.com: “Social signals will influence where search engine listings appear, with those which your network has recommended or shared being ranked higher than those with no interaction.”

Cheesley also signalled out social media content site Google Plus having one of the biggest influences of this year.

She said: “Google is building a trust-based network (Google+), whereby your social connections inform your search results. If you search for something in Google when you’re logged in, results which have been recommended (by +1 sharing) by your network will begin to be served up above those which haven’t.

It has already been reported this week that Google+ has been expanding, with job listing now added to the social network. According to techradar.com, the popular Google Jobs board now will use Google+ profile data to narrow down search results.

Other predictions Ms Cheesley made for this year, including the spreading of free wifi to more cities, as well as an increase in businesses using cloud-based phone calls, rather than a service provider.