Over half of all online users are happy to view adverts around content, if it means they don't have to pay for it, according to a new survey.

Research carried out among 4,000 British and American consumers by cloud provider, CloudSense, discovered that attitudes towards advertising were starting to change – for the better. Forty-six per cent of respondents said they were happy to view ads, perceiving it as a way to 'pay' for content.

Currently, fourthsource.com writes, three-quarters of users don't pay for the access to their favourite sites or apps. Little wonder then that 28 per cent of people claimed they would happily view videos or other ads prior to reaching content if it meant it remained free.

This was most prevalent among younger users, where 54 per cent said they accepted the advertising and 37 per cent would sit through an advertisement.

Just twelve per cent of all respondents said that they would actually pay not to have any adverts, but advertisers should remain sensitive to privacy preferences; 51 per cent didn't want their information to be used in the creation of personalised ads.

Speaking about the survey results, CloudSense CEO Richard Britton told research-live.com: “If the younger generation in particular aren't paying for content, then it's essential that publishers are able to profit from advertising.

“It is now more important than ever for publishers to attract advertisers relevant to the audience, provide a positive user experience and ultimately, this will give publishers the ammunition to sell more advertising.”