Manchester City are top of the Premier League, albeit in Twitter engagement terms.

The club, which took the actual league title last season, have been named in the top position of the so-called #TwitterLeagueTable, which ranks each team’s social media reach and engagement, reports.

The ranking isn’t simply worked out by looking at reach and engagement, however, but takes into consideration the volume of social media content sent by fans and players alike. It also looked at innovative ways each club interact with their fans, such as creating hashtags and encouraging their usage. Furthermore, this technique allows even the smaller clubs, without high-profile, marquee players to generate social interest.

Runners up to Manchester City were Chelsea, with fellow Londoners Tottenham Hotspur in third. Liverpool were ranked fourth, followed by Arsenal and Everton. Current league leaders Manchester United didn’t fare quite so well, however, finishing eleventh, below Norwich City, Aston Villa and Queen’s Park Rangers.

Speaking of the league’s inception, a Twitter spokesperson told “We created the #TwitterLeagueTable to celebrate some of the great uses of Twitter by clubs, player and fans – whether it’s Manchester City putting a hashtag on the pitch or top players like Rio Ferdinand saying hello to a fan on the train.

“The table is based on metrics like follower numbers for team and player accounts, use of official team hashtags, and how much fans interact with the content shared by the teams. The results highlight some of the most dedicated fan bases and socially engaged clubs, rather than those with simply the highest volumes of followers or most high profile players.”