John Lewis was able to transform TV viewers into committed followers of the brand thanks to social media activity and its new Christmas spot.

The department store unleashed its much anticipated Christmas 2012 commercial on November 9th. Statistics reveal that thousands of viewers swarmed to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to commend the new release.

Readings from November 13th, provided by, show the advert clocking up 6,790 likes and 1,340 shares on Facebook, as John Lewis transformed its Christmas ad into a highly valuable piece of social media content.    

Twitter was also abuzz with mentions of the John Lewis brand following a first screening of the new Christmas ad. YouGov’s social media measurement tool, SoMa, claims that just over half (51 per cent) of UK Twitter users have seen at least one mention of John Lewis since the commercial aired.

This was made possible by 89,000 users mentioning John Lewis after seeing the ad, which documents a cartoon snowman’s journey from garden to high street in search of the perfect present for his wife.

John Lewis also claims its launch was the “strongest” ever achieved by the brand, highlighting that this year’s spot has already generated one million views on YouTube.

Cited by, Craig Inglis, marketing director at John Lewis, commented: “It is clear from the incredible reaction in the social media that our Christmas advert has once again struck a chord with the nation.

“We didn’t think it was possible for the response to be bigger tan last year’s success but the volume of comments suggests that is exactly what happened.”