A social media marketing tie up with Foursquare will see Olympic fans able to ‘check-in’ at a number of athletics-inspired venues worldwide.

The partnership between the location-based social network and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) comes just weeks before the launch of the London 2012 Olympics, which organisers have billed as the first “social media Games”, bbc.co.uk reports.

However, Foursquare’s tie-in isn’t limited to just London 2012 by any means. There is in fact an entire area of the website now dedicated to providing fans with information about the history of the Games, complete with international venue information and notable achievements that took place within those venues.

“Our integration with Foursquare and the ability to leave location-based tips from the athletes is one more way to serve highly engaged fans of the Olympic Games and to integrate social media directly into the Olympic fan experience,” said the IOC’s head of social media Alex Huot.

Dangling a carrot of sorts, all Foursquare users who check-in at an Olympic venue will have a chance to win tickets to the London 2012 Games. Other rewards come in the form of a specially created Olympic badges which are awarded simply for checking-in at one of these locations on one or more occasions – irrespective of whether Games tickets are won or not.

“Overall we want people to stay fit and to be inspired by the athletes before, during and after the Games,” Huot continued in a telegraph.co.uk report.

“This could be a fun and interesting way to do just that and help raise the visibility of Olympic athletes around the world,” he said.