A PR Agent who used a campaign of social media content to find her holiday romance has been left broken hearted, metro.co.uk reports.

Julia Cross met a man she knew only as “Martin” on holiday in Ibiza last year, but erroneously gave him the wrong telephone number. After becoming inconsolable that the relationship may be doomed, Cross’ friends created a Facebook and Twitter campaign to find Martin, starting with only the knowledge of his name and that he was a software developer in North London who originally came from Maidenhead.

The search made national news as more people visited the Facebook and Twitter pages to offer advice on where the elusive Martin could be, giving further promotion to Cross’ social media plight.

Eventually, the mystery man was found, but left Cross broken hearted, admitting that shortly after the holiday he’d rekindled a romance with an old flame.

Sending a message to the campaign page on Facebook, Martin O’Kane explained the situation, writing: “I have to say I found all this hilarious and I’m obviously very flattered,” dailymail.co.uk reports.

“About a week or so after I got back from Ibiza I dropped Julia a message but got no response. Unfortunately… I’ve just started seeing an ex-girlfriend again.”

Martin’s new girlfriend, however, claimed she was fine with the whole situation, even if it was “odd” that a national social media campaign had been set up to set up her partner with someone else.