A new poll has highlighted the need for brands to strike the right balance between engaging with consumers and pestering them.

According to emarketer.com, a survey by SocialVibe found that the most common reason for a person breaking off their social connection is if the firm publishes too many updates, with 33 per cent of respondents citing this.

“Typically, social networkers say they make ‘friends’ with or follow a brand’s posts to find out about special offers and deals, and current research is consistent with that reasoning,” noted the website.

The other most commonly cited reasons for ending a social bond were if the company’s values were different from what the person had anticipated, if they no longer saw value in the connection and if they had only originally signed up after seeing an advert but had now changed their mind.

For advertisers planning their social media marketing strategy, periods of silence may also important, in addition to the content they publish. SocialVibe’s study was also reported by econsultancy.com, which listed the 33 per cent unfriend figure as one of its stats of the week.

The survey spoke to social media users in the three months leading up to November 27th this year. The advantages of fostering a good relationship with a customer on social networks was also underlined in the study; nearly half of consumers at least sometimes shop with the brands they are socially connected to.