Around one in three consumers are sharing their customer service experiences across social networks, new figures show.

Research by Verint Systems found that 30 per cent of UK consumers are happy to broadcast their shopping experiences across a social network, be it positive or negative, reports.

The study saw 7,000 UK consumers questioned on their customer service experiences, with only 49 per cent saying they feel happy with them on the whole. Long wait times was one of the biggest gripes; it was cited by two thirds of consumers as one of their biggest annoyances.

The reasons for becoming annoyed wasn’t the biggest issue, however, but instead that consumers are increasingly venting this on their networks, meaning brands may be prompted to develop a social media management policy to help ensure their web presence remains a positive one.

Of those surveyed, 30 per cent of consumers aged between 25 and 35 said they have commented on their experiences using social networks. Nineteen per cent of these posted messages on Facebook, 11 per cent did so on blogs, five per cent used Twitter and four per cent logged on to YouTube.

On the whole, price made little impact over all, being trumped by service, which was cited as the most important factor by 28 per cent of those quizzed.

Speaking to of the figures, managing director for EMEA at Verint Systems, David Parcell, explained: “The findings of this study clearly show that service has become a new means of marketing and is favoured over price.

“Retailers understand this effect better than many sectors, that’s why they tend to fare better than financial services providers and utilities firms when it comes to the customer experience. If they are not doing so already, organisations must invest in listening to the voices of their customers, in particular the new, social-savvy [ones].”