The so-called “burstiness” of content could make it more prevalent on Twitter, reports.

Twitter has claimed that it’s put into place a number of updates to its mobile platform that puts “tweets, user accounts, images, news, related searches and more into a single stream of results.” Furthermore, the “burstiness” of each will be a deciding factor in how highly it ranks in a search.

In jargon-free English, this is thought to mean that the variables listed above are combined to provide a more effective search, but also segregated in their own rights in order to try and make the search results more relevant to the user.

Furthermore, the scheme has also confirmed that the more influential a Twitter user is, the more highly their social media content will rank. Therefore, where content marketers are concerned, getting their messages picked up by high-profile users are not only beneficial for reaching that account’s followers, but will also make the material more visible for searchers and browsers.

Explaining the changes, tech journalist Dan Berthiaume told “While a typical search scores content of a similar type, the new blended Twitter mobile search performs separate searches for separate types of content and creates curated results sequences that each receive their own type-specific scores.”