News articles are the most shared form of content on social media – that’s industry news as opposed to company news. People love to keep abreast of the news; they like to be the first to read it, they race to share it and comment on it. In fact, 78% of internet users go online for news and 47% of tweets are news related.

People are increasingly turning to the likes to Twitter and Google+ for their online news fix, as opposed to the more traditional news channels, to keep abreast of what is happening in their areas of interest. If your company is the one publishing industry news articles, it not only reinforces your brand as the industry thought-leaders but, each time your news is shared on social media, your brand travels with it.

News is the perfect fuel for social media

By publishing news articles on a regular basis, you will:

  • Keep your social media sites fresh
  • Give your followers a reason to continually visit your profile pages
  • Increase your brand reach each time it is shared
  • Generate inbound links to your website, enhancing your SEO
  • Ensure that your website is frequently indexed by the search engines

Our news content marketing service

Our news content service provides you with regular news feeds of credible, industry-related news articles which you can broadcast to your target market. We have our own in-house team of professional brand journalists who are experienced in writing on-trend news articles and are quick to spot a story. They will keep abreast of your industry on a daily basis and provide you with highly engaging pieces which will travel far on social media.

news content marketing

Other benefits of publishing news

Credible and qualified news stories position your brand as an industry expert, creating loyalty between you and your prospects.

By providing your prospects with valuable news articles, you become an influential factor in their decision making, nurturing them through each stage of the buying cycle.

News travels fast, increasing your readership as your customers forward and share it. This in turn increases inbound traffic to your website.

Increased levels of traffic to your website raises your authority with the search engines as they start to view you as a credible source of information.

Brand Awareness
Publishing regular news articles is a highly effective way to increase the reach of your brand, as your stories are shared far and wide.

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