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A guide to media law for content marketers

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A guide to media law for content marketers

Thinking of using that cool image that you’ve seen on Google? Or, using someone else’s content without their permission? Then think again as you could well end up in… Read more

10 must know tips for social and content marketing success

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10 must-know tips for social and content marketing success

Want to find out some of the ways our social media and content marketing specialists get great results for our customers? Then this guide is for you! It… Read more

Addressing the big 5 social media issues

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Social Media White Paper

We recently conducted a survey to find out the biggest social media challenges faced by marketing professionals. The results were as follows: Lack of time 32% Creating original… Read more

Long form content and why you should publish it

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Long-form content: why you should publish it

Any company serious about content marketing will have a good range of long-form content in their portfolio. Not only does it educate and instill trust in your audience… Read more

What is the right mix of content

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What is the right mix of content?

When it comes to content, one size doesn’t fit all. Different parts of your audience will respond best to different types of content. So how can you go… Read more

Marketing videos and how not to create them

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Marketing videos: how NOT to create them

This short (and funny) video has five top tips on how NOT to do video marketing, staring two of our social media team, Simon Jenkins and Alex Robertson.

The convergence of search content and social

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The convergence of search, content and social

This presentation was given by our MD, Matt Hopkins, at Internet World and explores the now inextricable link between search, content and social media. It offers in-depth insight… Read more

When irrelevant content is totally relevant

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Social media case study

When irrelevant content is totally relevant This award winning case study demonstrates how seemingly irrelevant content can be highly effective at increasing awareness of your brand and driving results… Read more

Content marketing in recruitment

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Content marketing in recruitment

This white paper demonstrates how recruitment agencies can increase their client and candidate base through effective content marketing. At the Social Media in Recruitment Conference, a poll of… Read more

A beginners guide to social media

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Beginner’s guide to social media

There is no getting away from it…if you want to keep up with your competitors then your business needs to be active on social media. By ‘active’, we… Read more

An experts guide to content marketing

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Expert’s Guide to Content Marketing

Content marketing is a phrase that you might only have recently become acquainted with, yet it is now deemed to be one of the most effective online marketing… Read more

Google plus for business

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Google+ for Business

This 30 minute webinar explains how Google+ works with an overview of the main features. It also show-cases how shareable content is key if you want to improve… Read more

A guide to blog content marketing

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Blog Content Marketing

As more and more companies embark on or develop a content marketing strategy, blogging has very much been thrown back into the limelight as a highly effective lead… Read more

12 killer social media tips

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12 Killer Social Media Tips

Social media is probably the most exciting marketing channel ever to have been placed at our disposal but it is also the one that poses the biggest challenges… Read more

How to use pinterest

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How to use Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organise and share images. Used properly, it is a very effective platform for driving traffic to your website but, knowing… Read more

Fact creating more content gets results

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Fact. Creating More Content Gets Results

We are firm believers that content drives every element of digital marketing, be it SEO, social media, email marketing etc. Of course, the content has to very high… Read more

Digital marketing tips for estate agents

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Digital marketing for estate agents: Tip Sheet

This tip sheet is a simple one-page document with fifteen actionable points to help estate agents improve their online visibility and connect more effectively with buyers and sellers…. Read more

Digital marketing for estate agents

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Digital marketing for estate agents

This slide deck is from a seminar that we ran in conjunction with Property Jungle and Growth Track, aimed specifically at estate agents. It offers a broad overview… Read more

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