Your customers are now spending up to 75% of the buying cycle researching online themselves before they choose a supplier. To get on their radar during this crucial period, you must publish highly valuable content that educates and nurtures them through their decision-making process towards your brand. If you don’t, your prospects will simply discover your competitors.


Our magazine mindset makes the difference

Content marketing agency brain - demonstrating the variety of content needed in a magazine mindset

With the rapid rise of content marketing, many agencies are jumping on the bandwagon and this has led to significant amounts of low quality content being published for content’s sake.

We are a content marketing agency staffed by journalists and we take a very different approach: we apply a magazine mindset to our content marketing.


What that means is:

  • Our content marketing team consists of editors, professional journalists and designers – not SEO copywriters.
  • We research your audience and find out exactly what it is they like to read
  • We put an editorial plan in place, giving structure and purpose to your content marketing
  • We create content that totally hones in on the needs of your audience
  • We provide you with a wide range of content, including:

- Industry news articles
– Discussion pieces
– Blogs
– Infographics
– Lengthier feature articles
– Tips and advice pieces
– Reviews
– Q&As
– Industry round-ups
– Interviews

Content types. Click here to find out how different types of content work at the various stages of your prospects' buying cycle.

  • Every piece of content undergoes a strict editorial review – quality is paramount
  • Every article adds value to your overall portfolio (ie. we never create content for content’s sake)
  • We constantly analyse what resonates with your audience (their preferences are constantly evolving) and drop what doesn’t
  • We aim to grow your ‘readership’ not just your website traffic
  • We think commercially about your content marketing, always aiming to increase ROI
  • We consider content marketing to be an on-going practice – the body of work builds momentum


You trust it, you look forward to each issue and are a loyal reader.  It keeps you up to date, educates and entertains you. It is a commercial concern which demands a return. Your content should do the same.

See the results for yourself

We are a content marketing agency that works hard to get results. To see some examples of what we’ve achieved for others, click here.


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