An ongoing stream of fresh content on your website is a great way to ensure search engines have something new to index each time they spider your site. The more new content they see, the more frequently they visit and the more likely they are to give you an improved ranking.

For “fresh”, read “unique” or “original”. There’s no point in just searching Google for, say, a news article and then copying an article from another website and passing it off as your own. Ignoring, for a moment, the legal problem of stealing someone’s copyrighted work, you will not get much benefit on Google or Bing for an article that has already been published on another website.

If Google finds copies of the same article copy-pasted to multiple sites, it will decide which one is the original and display that. Why would it want to send users to multiple copies of the same thing?

I encountered this problem a couple of years ago when I received an email from a doctor telling me my website had illegally republished one of his articles. The article in question was actually taken from a press release that was supplied by a PR company. The PR company, it turned out, had just stolen someone else’s work to send out a press release on behalf of a client. As the editor receiving this press release, how was I to know it wasn’t original?

Make sure your content is professional, legal, original and fresh. Google will thank you for it.