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Whatever reasons you have for why content promotion isn’t important to your business (a typical response from companies being ‘my sector is unique and although it’s difficult to explain it’s just not needed’) then you need to think again. Your business is not unique and you do need to look at content promotion as a business critical exercise.

Many people think content promotion is just online PR and this simply is not the case. Content promotion can span a range of offline and online marketing functions and you may already be doing some content promotion without fully recognising it.

Don’t be the only person that reads what you write – content exclusivity is not an excuse for content loneliness:

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content promotion


Key content promotion tasks

When you write a piece of content, the first content goal surely has to be that someone is going to read the content – so what can you do to encourage people to read your content?

  • Publish the content on your website and support the user journey to access this content by placing call to actions within the site naturally and in relevant areas.
  • Make the content stand out from ‘a typical’ content driven page by adding in images, placing headings and sub headings and dividing the level of unabridged wording by breaking up paragraphs and sentences into easily digestible chunks.
  • Be clear about what type of content you are writing and write appropriately for that content type. The mindset when writing blog content will be different to when you write a news story and when you tweet someone.
  • Share your content: make use of Twitter for marketing and get your content promoted on your business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more.
  • Make it easy for others to share your content for you. By placing sharing buttons on engaging and personality led content pieces, you are in effect getting people to do your social media marketing for you. The easier people can share your content, the more likely they are to share it.
  • Think about who the content is applicable to and complete some outreach tasks like email marketing to find relevant people with your new content. Don’t assume that just because you have written the content, the people will come and find it. Tell people about the content – utilise your database and add in links to new content (the latest news articles, blog content and any new service pages on your website) in communications like monthly newsletters.
  • Make sure that your social media strategy places content creation and promotion at its core. Social without content is white noise; content without social media is a missed opportunity.