Google+ has changed the search engines forever = FACT!

When you go into Google, as over 85% of us do in the UK, you will notice that the search engine results pages (SERPs) without exception have Google+ results spanning page 1 – 3 and pretty much every SERP thereafter. This means that part of the Google algorithm for organic listings includes Google+ and more significantly a weighting towards wanting to include a mixed set of results to the user that in most instances will include Google+ pages/results.

This means that IF you want to increase the likelihood of having your business appear in Google then you should start thinking very seriously about marketing your business on Google+. I haven’t mentioned ROI yet but a heads up.. ROI for Google+ marketing is amazing – mainly because it’s FREE’.

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Let’s take a look at Google+ results displaying on page 1 of Google then – this time it’s me for a recent blog post on content marketing – typing in the phrase ‘why do I need content’ displays the following in Google UK.

Top 4 Google UK organic search results for the phrase  ‘why do I need content’:

why do I need content marketing 

And YES, shamelessly that is me at the top! Above Forbes and over 4 billion other competing results!!!

There are so many other reasons why you should be marketing on Google+ ASAP and the following are just a snippet from the myriad:

  • It is the FASTEST growing social media network EVER!
  • You want to get more results in the top pages of Google
  • With Google+ marketing you will reach out to more people
  • Google+ integrates Google Local/Places listings

Need Advice?

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