So you have taken the plunge and decided that your website is going to publish content regularly. The thing is, you don’t want to just publish ‘run of the mill’ content just for the sake of it. You want to publish good content that will compel your readers to take action!

What action?

You may want them to do one of the following:

  • Share your content
  • Leave a comment
  • Opt-in to your Email list
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Download a PDF, mp3, video, etc.
  • Contact you directly
  • Buy a product or service

You need to create good content for any one of these actions to take place, let alone if you would like two or more to happen!

Creating good content

Fact: Anyone can create content. Newspapers published every day are full of content. Does that make it good content? Not really.

How often do you cut out an article from a newspaper to keep and show others? This is a reason why I dislike the new Timeline function on Facebook; I don’t care about average general media content. I much prefer a manually chosen link just as some of you may create by sharing this post when you have finished reading it. That to me is an indication of good content.

The key to good content is remembering you are writing for people. Not robots. Not drones. People!

“Yes, we know that Stuart.” I hear you say. So let’s analyse YOU for a moment…

Can you remember the last time you subscribed to a blog?
You felt it would positively be of a benefit to you.

When you last shared a YouTube video, you know the one with the funny cat where it jumps 3 foot in the air?
You were positive that all your friends would find it just as funny!

That last piece of clothing you bought?
You were absolutely positive that it would look great on you!

Good content evokes a positive emotion

Good content does one or both of the following; it either educates and/or entertains the reader. A successful product sales page has good content on it that educates the potential customer why they need to purchase it. A comedians sketch has enough good content in it to make the viewer roar with laughter.

A good example of this is the ‘ – Our Blades Are F***ing Great’ video. Not only does it educate the viewer that they offer cheap high quality razorblades for a dollar a month, but it is highly entertaining at the same time.

I know, creating high quality videos is an expense that not everyone can afford, or has the skills to do so. So let’s roll back to basics. When writing your content, can you educate people and help them?

A post over at Social Media Examiner by Marcus Sheridan explained how his swimming pool company’s blog addressed the cost of installing a swimming pool. If you were to do a similar post, you would give a positive image of being transparent about the price of your product/service and educate people about what they can expect to pay.


When looking to create good content, look around you for examples. There are plenty of people writing not just good content, but great content that is shared by your mentors, peers and friends. Look at it, study it and ask yourself why it was shared so you understand the answer to ‘What makes good content?’ in future.