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I read with interest earlier this week that research, published by Branded3, has shown a positive correlation between the number of times a brand is mentioned on Twitter and its Google rankings.

We’ve assumed that this has been the case for quite a while but it’s always nice to have some facts and figures to back it up. In fact, the statistics are pretty impressive!


The key findings were:

  • URLs receive a significant boost in Google rankings when they are shared on Twitter
  • The effects of this boost seem to level out at around 50 tweets, and the subsequent benefit of gaining additional tweets is minimal until around 5,000 tweets
  • After 5,000 tweets the average ranking of URLs improves considerably
  • URLs receiving over 7,500 tweets almost always rank inside the top 5 results
  • Average rankings are heavily correlated to the number of tweets about each URL

Another win for content marketing

Research results like these reinforce just how powerful content marketing – done properly – can be. So, how do you get people to mention you and re-tweet your content? You publish content that ticks these boxes:

  • Original
  • High quality
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Valuable
  • Thought-leading
  • Non self-promotional

Think news…

Let’s take news content marketing as an example – that’s industry news, not company news. It’s educational, thought-leading, often entertaining, commercially-neutral and, as it’s usually written by journalists, it’s high quality and original.

That’s why news is the most shared form of content on social media

People love sharing news, they like to be the first to discover it and the first to share it, so much so that 47% of tweets are news related. If you’re the one publishing it, it’s YOUR brand that travels with it, it’s YOUR website they click through to read it on and it’s YOUR website that does better in the search rankings.