top-tips-brand-awarenessGetting your business brand in front of the largest proportion of the most applicable target audience can seem like a never-ending battle.

So, I thought I’d share with you some tried and tested strategies that you can start using today for increasing your brand awareness online.

Look at social media for both short term impact and long term success

It is very easy to look to social media solutions for short term and quick brand awareness wins but this type of ad hoc social media management will only deliver you limited success when compared to an aligned social media strategy. The more that you look at marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms in the same way in which you would look at online marketing and SEO for Google and any paid advertising the greater the results will be.

Understand your unique offering and focus on differentiation

No matter where you publish information about your brand and how niche your industry may be, you will find competing offerings which can make it difficult for would-be buyers to investigate your offerings further. You will know what’s great about your business, your products and your services (if you don’t you should look at this before promoting the brand). Some great guidelines here on how to create your value proposition.

Add personality to everything you do

lee bungee

Me, bungee-jumping!

Businesses will almost always have personality and people at the heart of the organisation and flowing through everything the business does.

The more that you can express this personality in all areas of the brand and grow your unique business brand and culture, the quicker and easier it will be for your brand to naturally take-off.

People love people. Putting faces to brands and names to voices will encourage natural sharing and syndication of content.

Don’t do everything yourself

If something is important to the success of the business and more specifically to generating ROI from brand awareness, businesses need to look at allocating budget to achieve ROI.

All too often projects fail to succeed or fail to start due to time demands. Time demands will always be there and will always side-line important brand tasks.

If you need help outsourcing areas like social media check out a recent post that I wrote on how to choose a social media agency.

Start promoting everything

OK – not literally everything, but promote much more than just your blog posts and new product ranges. Think about types of content; video, image, infographic, guest blogging, social profile and commenting and much more. The more creative you get with your content, the easier and less systematic your content promotion will become.

Think about brand ‘you’…

…and look for people brands within your business. I won’t dwell on this here but have a read of this previously-written article building personal brands.

What about you?

Let me know what you are doing to increase brand awareness – what’s working and what’s not? I’d love to hear your thoughts.