The way companies advertise their services online is constantly changing. Marketers are now using content marketing to reach an audience that is wising up to traditional sales techniques. Marketing copy and in-your-face advertising just aren’t enough to convince your audience anymore. So here are a few tips on how to improve your content marketing strategy, ensuring you meet the needs of both your clients and their customers:

Embrace the power of video

2012 saw a huge increase in the amount of websites featuring videos as part of their marketing strategy and there is a good reason for this. Take YouTube for example, which is apparently averaging four billion hits a day. With so many videos going viral now, it’s an ideal tool to help your content get shared across the web.

Make social media your friend

With many consumers using social media every day, it is an ideal means of getting content out there. Giving users the opportunity to share content on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a unique way of reaching different markets. It means that more people see your content and referral traffic to your site is increased. A survey carried out by the Content Marketing Institute showed that 87% of marketers were distributing content using social media in 2012, supporting the theory that social media is vital for content marketers.

Put the customer first

A blog by Juliet Stott for The Guardian highlights the need to ensure that you don’t just talk about yourself. The website itself should make it clear what the company is all about but when it comes to content marketing, give the consumer a variety of news and information rather than just shamelessly writing self-promoting drivel. As Ms Stott points out, nobody likes the person who talks about themselves all the time. Give your audience information that actually interests them and pay attention to the feedback they give you. Large numbers of retweets on Twitter or shares on Facebook make it clear what content is going down well and gives you an idea of what is expected from you in the future.

Take your time

Research has shown that eight in ten companies are planning to invest a lot more in content marketing this year, as they are understanding about how essential it is to running a successful business. There’s little point in churning out information to your customers if it isn’t interesting or relevant. Creating a variety of different types of content will appeal to a wider audience. Some people may prefer to read text but others will be more drawn to video and social media content. It may mean there is less content available but the quality of it could pay dividends if it ends up being shared on social media sites. Something that makes your audience sit up and pay attention will stay with them for longer and increases your chances of them sharing the content on social media sites. Time investment is a valuable content marketing strategy that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Move with the times

It’s important to ensure that you’re up to date with any developments within the industry of your business, particularly if new research has been done in the market you’re working in. Infographics are just one method of information delivery that is becoming increasingly popular, thus need to be taken seriously. Developing your content marketing to ensure you have the latest breaking news keeps you one step ahead of the competition and, ultimately the primary source for your customers.