Re-tweets (or RTs, for short) are like gold dust: hard to secure but ridiculously worthwhile once you do. They open up your content and brand to a whole new audience; one you could have spent hours of time/hundreds of pounds trying to penetrate. Now, this audience is talking about your brand… without you having to do any work.

However getting over the re-tweet hurdle can be tricky, given the sheer volume of content being pushed out to Twitter’s half a billion users every single day. Recently, though, I saw a great infographic from QuickSprout that summed up what is (arguably) the perfect recipe for RTs…


  • A timely message, sent between 12pm and 2pm
  • Credit given to the original tweeter and, where possible, the author of the content
  • The inclusion of as much of the original tweet as possible
  • Enough free characters for the ‘RT’ and the username (the most likely tweets to be RTed are between 71 – 100 characters)


1. Throw all ingredients into Twitter’s ‘What’s happening?’ update box

2. Stir well and serve

3. If you have time, throw in the following for even better results:

  • A relevant, but concise (if possible) hashtag – 20.8% of RTs include 1 or more hashtags
  • Words like ‘great’, ‘post’, ‘please’, ‘social’ ‘you’ or ‘follow’ (preferably not all at once!)
  • Polite encouragement to spread the word – specifically ‘Please re-tweet’ rather than ‘PleaseRT’
  • A reference to Twitter, which is more likely to be RTed than a reference to Facebook


There you have it – a recipe even Delia would be proud of.

Follow it and watch the RTs pour in… just don’t forget to say thank you to each user for taking the time to share your content.