Today is my second day as the newest member of the Red Rocket Media team. With my job title being Brand Journalist, you might expect that I am chained to a desk writing promotional material all hours of the day. That may be the case in some content marketing companies but this one isn’t like the others. This one is different.

Brand new and clueless

Having to take on the dreaded role of ‘new girl’ isn’t much fun in any job but that’s the beauty of working at RRM: I’m only two days in and I feel like I’ve been here for years. And you know when you’re surrounded by such a friendly and welcoming team that you’re in for a fun ride.

I haven’t escaped all new girl duties though. There was the obligatory reading through of company policies first which, actually, was amazingly useful. Then there was the filling in of forms. Tedious but essential if I want to get paid. (And who doesn’t want to get paid?!)

No messing around

One of the more puzzling elements of my first day was the staff meeting. Phrases like ‘strategic’ and ‘UX’ were being thrown around as I sat there trying not to look too baffled. I nodded knowingly and pretended to understand what they were all going on about but, in truth, I had no idea.

I half-expected to spend the first week or so trailing around behind staff, peering over their shoulders and gradually being introduced to my role. But of course I forgot I am working in the media industry now and there is no such thing as gradual. Time to get down to business.

Random Google searches, anyone?

My boss told me to expect variety in the content that I would be writing and she wasn’t kidding. In just two short days I have written about police dogs, read up on new housing developments in Norfolk and researched the number of blind drivers in England. I didn’t believe her when she told me I would develop an interest in some truly obscure subjects until I found myself Googling sustainable fish. Seriously. Did you know that Pacific bluefin Tuna is not sustainable and you should avoid eating it?

The best part of this job so far though is that I get to do what I love; write. And I get to do it all day long. Based on my first impression, no two days are the same in the RRM office which makes it that much more exciting.

Expect part two of my blog in a few weeks time when I’ll have some idea of what that whole ‘UX’ situation is about. And probably some outrageous stories of workplace antics as well. Did I mention the CEO brings his dog to the office? I have a feeling this is going to be a very cool place to work.