Last week we looked at content marketing within the food and drinks market. This week, we’re going barking mad (sorry!) with a look at how content marketers within the pet industry can educate and inform their pet-owning audiences.

Empathy is key

When creating content for pet owners, one of the key words to remember is empathy. Being empathetic to their needs and their devotion to their pet is really important. Owners aren’t likely to trust someone they don’t think really understands their love, let alone buy products or services from them.

Plus, content marketers working within the pets industry must recognise that being a pet owner isn’t all cuddles and fun. People love their pets, of course, but sometimes being an owner has its challenges – for example when a pet falls ill, or when it begins behaving badly for no reason. Recognising this and aiming to help the audience is really crucial.

That’s not all, though

There’s so much more to it than this – so we’ll stop rabbiting and let you paws for thought (we’re done now, promise!) as you take a look at our top tips for the pet industry’s content marketers…

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