Klout score - 54Have you heard of Klout? No? Then you might be becoming unemployable. If you don’t have a klout score you will be passed over for some jobs, and the number of recruiters using Klout as a measure of worth is growing.

Thankfully, I am scaremongering because this situation is happening mainly in the US rather than in the UK. Thank goodness, right? Klout is an influence measurement service. You gain a score based on how influential you are on sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. I have a personal dislike of Klout – I think its scoring is flawed (it has been telling me for months I am influential about cats and John Terry) and I think it is way too early for anyone to take it seriously as a true measure of worth when so many people actually have never heard of it, let alone signed up to use it.

Blogger Neville Hobson wrote a post this week pointing out a recruitment ad that actually stated you could only apply for a job if you have a Klout score of 35 or higher. This is not a scandal when you consider the job on offer was as a community manager – a job which requires an understanding of, and ability to build and manage an online community. There are many people, however, who do have those skills but who do not use Klout, and this struck me as a perfect example of a subject I covered yesterday on the blog of our sister site, Vertical Leap – How to be social without being public.

If you work in marketing in any shape or form, and specifically online, you need to be using the social networks that the majority of other people use. You need to practise what you preach. People who work at Asda probably sometimes shop at Tesco; people who work at Marks & Spencer probably wear clothes from New Look or Matalan. Social media is one sector where you cannot avoid using your own merchandise, proving to others that you believe what you say.

I hope recruiters in the UK don’t start using social networks as a sole measure of people’s worth, but I think you’ll agree that it would be equally short sighted for potential employees to not realise the significance of how they use social networks. That means not only using them is important but using them responsibly too. There are some great social media marketing tips in the Red Rocket Media Downloads section.