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Throughout 2012 we have written a huge amount of blog posts and news stories covering a diverse range of topics which collectively had a social media stance and content marketing theme. When thinking back over 2012 there are a few blog posts and news stories that have stuck in my mind as being engaged with the most or simply having a memorable impact on me personally.


So, let’s take a look at my top social media and content marketing blogs and news pieces from 2012:

  • This has to be my absolute favourite social media marketing piece that spans news and blogs; ‘Britain’s Best Office Dog’. Within a few days of December this had a Twitter reach of 390.5k and Facebook engagement of 41.31%.
  • This Twitter marketing blog post from May really caught people’s attention; ‘Twitter mentions DO affect Google rankings
  • This Facebook success story shows how a little bit of imagination can get you a lot of Facebook likes – over 200,000 in fact; ‘How does a newsagent gain 200,000 Facebook likes in 24 hours?
  • Displaying our Christmassy side,we gave away 12 great content marketing tips in our; ‘12 tips of Christmas
  • As a social media agency we like to provide as much freely available information to our website visitors as possible so that they can make practical use of our tips. A good example of this for Google+ marketing in this instance is  ‘How Google+ Extended Circles work’.

So that’s my top five for 2012, however, please do let me know what you would like to see us write about in 2013!