Have you ever wondered how you can gain the trust of your website visitors? Many of your website visitors have only just seen your brand and website for the first time. There is a possibility that they found you from searching on Google for say a branded dishwasher appliance, and it just so happens that your company is offering it at the cheapest price.

So your SEO company has cleared that hurdle of getting a website visitor to find your great offering, the next hurdle is getting them to trust you. Potentially, there could be over £1000 of someone’s well-earned wages being added to your revenue. They want to know that your company can deliver the goods when they set a delivery date and what the aftercare is like if something goes wrong.

This is the very same scenario that my girlfriend and I faced recently. After many months of washing the dishes – or should I say – me washing the dishes and rewashing the dishes that she attempted to wash, we decided that we would invest in a new dishwasher.

There was one obstacle though; my girlfriend wasn’t sure if she trusted the company that was quoting the product at £50 less than the next competitor. Maybe the price was just too good to be true?

Ways to gain trust online

There are plenty of sites that make use of testimonials on their website, but the question that website visitors are often left asking is “Where are the bad ones?” They are out there, but of course a company is unlikely to showcase those unless they have a public review/testimonial type forum that they provide customer service through.

There are also websites such as Review Centre, where a user can rate and review a product/service. The reviews on such sites can be enlightening but often the sites themselves are not trusted due competitors being able to make up false reviews. With so many of these websites having sprung up across the internet, the company you are researching is not able to provide feedback to all reviews left across the web too.

Customer service via social media = Trust!

If disappointed customers want to kick up a stink about a service these days they do it where they hang out – on social networks! So when my girlfriend raised her concerns I went to where such a conversation would be taking place, the company’s Facebook page and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw…

The company had a delightful customer service team putting people’s minds at ease by commenting within the hour and asking for order numbers. Many of the ‘disgruntled’ customers (if you could call them that afterwards) were replying back saying how fantastic the customer service was on the telephone and looking forward to the problem being resolved. If that wasn’t enough to earn my trust, they even had customers simply posting on their page saying how great their service was. Again, each comment left was answered within an hour also asking for their order number so they could pass the good feedback to the relevant team. All members of their team were friendly, made conversation where appropriate and signed off with their name.

This company fully understands what a great job they are doing too. At the top of their website they have a Facebook bar that enables you to scroll through the Facebook comments that acts as a testimonial to the hard work their team puts in.

They earned themselves a new customer that day, all because of providing great customer service through their Facebook page and earning my trust enough to say “Yes” to the girlfriend to order from them.

Needless to say, I did not wash the dishes on Christmas Day, the new trusty dishwasher arrived and was fitted as expected without a hitch!